Monday, October 8, 2012

Peggi's Teapot

"Define Value first.  Then, push expressive color"...Peggi Kroll Roberts
While a departure from my usual style, this was such a fun painting.  The process involved an exercise in value, bold color, and brushstrokes loaded with paint, lessons learned at the Sarah Carlisle Towery (SCT) Art Colony workshop last week at Children's Harbor on beautiful Lake Martin.
The SCT Art Colony was created 20 years ago, honoring Ms. Sarah, a lovely lady who had a dream to provide a peaceful setting as a retreat away from our hectic lives, where artists could gather with minimal distractions to focus on their art.  We appreciate her visions and those of her daughter, Sarah, as well as the efforts of so many others who donate their time and energy to keep this vital group thriving.
What made the workshop great?  The total experience:  being able to study with Peggi Kroll Roberts, and to gain encouragement and inspiration from my talented classmates.  During the daytimes, we worked hard in the studio.  Nightly, we enjoyed our down time by sharing our perspectives with fellow artists while viewing the moonlit lake from our cabin porches.
After the first four days of really hard work and keen concentration, we spent the fifth day in casual conversation.  Peggi shared her stories and thoughts on her art journey.  Her information prompted many questions from us.
What a wonderful workshop!

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